Dream Seeker Encouragement Card

By | June 29, 2019
Dream Seeker Stamps & Dies from Spellbinders/FSJ

Happy Weekend! Today’s encouragement card features the new Dream Seeker stamps and dies from Spellbinders/FSJ and I just love this whale! Notice how it shines, like it’s wet? That’s Journey Glaze in action!! I highly recommend this glaze from Spellbinders/FSJ – it contains less water than a lot of other brands out there, so doesn’t warp the cardstock as bad!

Remember, this card doesn’t have to be an encouragement card – it could just as easily be a birthday card, a graduation card or anything else you’d like it to be. Simply change the sentiment to suit the occasion! Let’s get started with the supply list!


HOW TO MAKE A SPLASH BOXSpraying Color Splash can get a little messy! To protect your table surface, carpeting, walls, etc., I’ll teach you how to make a Splash Box to alleviate quite a bit of that messiness!

You’ll need a clean pizza box about 14″. Unless you ordered cardstock from Cricut and happen to still have the box, like me, hahaha! You’ll also need another box with 2 sides about 12 – 14″in size – I cut up the large Priority Mail box that my hubby’s auto parts arrived in! With painter’s tape, attach the 2 pieces of the Priority Mail box to the Cricut/Pizza box. I used the low-tack painter’s tape because when I’m done, I’ll remove the 2 side panels and store them in the box on my shelf. Next time I need it, everything’s right there! See photos above.


Cut cardstock to size. Stamp whale image with Rock Candy ink. Color with Alcohol Markers (darker on top, lighter on bottom), let dry for a few minutes, then add Journey Glaze and set aside to dry for 1-2 hours (NOTE: smaller amounts dry much quicker, but because we’re covering a large area, it will take longer to dry.)

Stamp sentiment with Denim Days ink toward the right side of the White Sparkle Paper. Cut tail into left side (see photo). Set aside.

Emboss one of the 5 1/4 x 4″ Whip Cream CS pieces with Wind & Water EF in your Platinum Machine. Lay on scrap paper, then drag Lovely Blue Ink Pad over the top gently several times saturate the raised portions of this piece. This will really pop with the splash later!

Now set up your Splash Box. Lay the embossed piece of Whip Cream cardstock face up in the bottom of the box. Take Lovely Blue Color Splash and swirl around gently to mix the pearlescent mettalic portion in with the liquid – DO NOT SHAKE – this could cause the sprayer to clog! Once it’s mixed well, about 30 – 45 seconds, you’ll see the mixture glisten – it’s ready! Remove the blue stopper piece from under the trigger. Hold the bottle about 10 – 12 inches from the CS and spray 2 or 3 times until the piece is covered. Place stopper back on bottle, set aside. Remove the sprayed CS from the box and set aside to dry for a few minutes.

With low tack tape, secure the Starbrite stencil to the other piece of 5 1/4 x 4″ cardstock. Lay in Splash Box, stencil side up. Mix the Lovely Blue Color Splash by swirling, as in the above step. Spray 2 or 3 times til covered. (Wick up excess Splash from stencil with scrap white 6 x 6″ CS piece, set aside to dry and use as background in another card later! Why waste all that lovely Splash?) Remove stencil and place stenciled CS on scrap paper to dry for a few minutes. While drying, clean stencil with warm, soapy water & pat dry.

With paper trimmer, angle cut the stenciled piece as shown in photo below:

Take the center piece from this photo and attach to embossed piece, as shown below.

Sponge the edges of this piece with Lovely Blue Ink, then attach to card base. With foam squares, attach sentiment and whale (when dry). Add sequins with Journey craft glue. Stamp sentiment of your choice inside and Voila! The card is done!

To see the video tutorial for this card on YouTube, click here.

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I’m an affiliate for Spellbinders/FSJ. By purchasing through my links on this page, I’ll receive a small commission. This process uses cookies, and I’ll use the funds to help keep in supplies to design more projects for you! Thanks so much for your support.

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s tutorial! I’d love to hear your comments and be sure to check back in a later in the week to check out the card I’ll make using the Swans from this stamp set!! Until then, Happy Crafting & Smiles, Laura

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