Northern Lights Technique

Such a fun technique! All supplies used are FSJ, except for the sentiment.

I think you’re going to love today’s technique – Northern Lights! Can you believe the cardstock was white when I started? With just a few inkpads and sponges, you can create this stunning effect too! All productss used are from Fun Stamper’s Journey/Spellbinders (except for the sentiment, this is from a retired stamp set & the company is now defunct, but I love it so I used it anyway!) Let’s get started.


  • Whip Cream CS 3 3/4×5″
  • Lavender Fusion CS 4×5 14″
  • Catalina Splash CS A2 card base
  • FUSION INK PADS – Bubble Gum, Lemon Drop, Cool Pool, Turbo Teal, Lavener Fusion, Denim Days, Whip Cream, Black Licorice
  • FSJ Fusion Ink Sponges
  • Whip Cream Silk
  • Sparkle Silk
  • Stay Wild Stamp
  • Sentiment of your choice
  • Heat gun
  • Basic stamping supplies: Adhesives, paper trimmer & other tools, etc., Fusion Stamp Cleaner is highly recommended for Fusion inks


The sponges are round. Cut into six pieces, like a pie. Commit one sponge to each color to avoid color contamination of sponges and ink pads!

If desired, you can label the sponges with CS scraps cut to 1×1 1/2″. Fold in half (3/4×1″) and write name of color on one side. Staple over the thin end of the sponge.

When applying ink with sponges, pick up just a little ink at a time. It is easier to add more and impossible to take off!

With Turbo Teal & Lemon Drop, use a very light touch when rubbing ink into cardstock, as they are much darker/brighter colors. Remember, less is better, it’s easier to add more.


Place Whip Cream horizontally on scrap paper. With Turbo Teal sponge, pick up just a little Turbo Teal ink from pad. Going from top of CS to bottom repeatedly, rub ink into CS near the center (see photo), just barely touching the CS with the sponge (you want to create and up & down appearance with ink, just like the Northern Lights look). Also, it looks better if your lines are a little jagged or angled (not straight up and down. Repeat this process a few times until the CS is a super light shade of teal.

With Cool Pool Sponge, pick up a little Cool Pool ink from pad. With the same too-to-bottom motion, apply Cool Pool ink over Turbo Teal – it’s okay if you get a little Cool Pool on each side of the Turbo Teal. Repeat until you achieve a soft, dreamy shade of teal.

With Bubble Gum Sponge, pick up a little Bubble Gum ink. Apply to CS on both sides of the teal using the same top-to-bottom angled motion Make the line a little larger on the right side (see photo). Repeat until you reach a soft shade of pink. Also add just a little of this to the left bottom of the card – it will help with shading the snow in a later step!

Using clean committed sponges, repeat with a just a little Lemon Drop randomly on each side of the pink, but only near the bottom and just a little at the top of the turbo teal – you just want the slightest hint of yellow to show.

Apply the Lavender Fusion (same way as you did with Cool Pool) on each side of the pink, adding a little more of this color to the left side of the CS this time, as well as randomly along the right bottom of the card.

You should have about 1/2″ or so of white remaining on each side of the CS now, but the top and bottom should be colored. As desired, add a hint of Lavender Fusion ink to achieve more dramatic contrast.

In the photo, do you see how the dark ink circles in around the Northern Lights? We’re going to do this step now! Pick up some Denim Days ink with sponge. Using a more curved top-to-bottom motion , start a the right side of your CS and work your way inward, so the ink is lighter close to the Northern Lights. Repeat always starting on the outer edge & working inward, until the edge of your CS is very dark but getting lighter towards the N), like the night sky. Now repeat this step on the left side of the card.

Next, we’re going to lighten/brighten the Northern Lights just a tad and make the snow! This step needs to be heat set – very important, as the Whip Cream ink is pure pigment ink and will not dry without heat setting! Pick up just a little Whip Cream ink with sponge (this ink is very thick, so be careful to only pick up a very light amount). Using to-to-bottom motion, apply very lightly over the Northern Lights you created (if you accidentally get to much Whip Cream ink on the CS, you can pick it up with a clean sponge using the same top-to-bottom motion). Blend in til you achieve the desired lightness, once, maybe twice should do the trick. Heat set.

Next, pick up Whip Cream ink on sponge again. This time light sponge into the bottom third of the CS to create the snow. Use both a side-to-side motion with a a few circular/jagged motions to make the snow look soft. NOTE: start a little lower on the left side, working up a little higher on the right side, so the ground looks like a small hill/incline (see photo). Once you’ve created the snow, heat set until the Whip Cream ink is completely dry (will not smudge this way).

Now stamp the Stay Wild image with Black Licorice ink slightly to the left of center. If you have a MISTI or stamp positioner, I recommend using it for this step – the darker your image, the more stunning the effect, so you may need to stamp the image 2 or 3 times to really get it super dark! Add your sentiment with Black Licorice also, wherever it will fit nicely on your card.

Now, to make this look like its actively snowing, apply Sparkle Silk by flicking it randomly over CS. Repeat with the Whip Cream Silk, but use a little less of this. Once this Silk dries (about 1-2 minutes), attach to Lavender Fusion CS and then to the Catalina Splash card base. Stamp your desired sentiment/phrase on the inside and your card is done!

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Floral Gift Box and Card

A coordinated card & box set perfect for gift giving!

Happy Friday! It’s the perfect time of year to start creating cards, boxes & more for 2019 birthdays! What lady wouldn’t want to receive this coordinated floral birthday card & gift box?? The box is the perfect size to hide a gift card in, too! All products used are Fun Stampers Journey & Spellbinders – let’s get started!

  • CARDSTOCK: CS-0099 Bubble Gum, CS-0026 Pineapple Smoothie, CS-0040 Whip Cream, CS-0019 Lemon Grass, CS-0082 Denim Days, PP-0055 Good Life Prints – floral pattern
  • INKS: IP-0058 Bubble Gum, IP-0027 Watermelon Fusion, IP-0043Lemon Drop, IP-0075 Lovely Blue, IP-0153 Chambray Shirt, IP-0010 Denim Days
  • ADHESIVES: AD-0085 Foam squares, AD-0111 Craft Glue, tape runner
  • BLING: AC-0023 Cut Rhinestones, AC-0160 Heart Sparkle Drops
  • OTHER: TO-0090 Journey Platinum Machine *this is the larger machine and is neccesary to cut out the large steel rule die, also works for thin metal dies. TO-0091 Journey Crease Pad *necessary for scoring/cutting the steel rule die. JM-0014 Fusion Ink Sponges *cut into six triangles for sponging ink onto cardstock Wood Skewers *for curling flowers with FOAM PAD, BONE FOLDER and STYLUS *For shaping rosebuds – I used a piece of Fun Foam, if nothing else, a mouse pad will work too
  • SS-0576 Inside & Out Stamp set
  • S4-351 Spiral Blossom One die (larger roses)
  • S4-916 Blooming Rose dies (2 rosebud pieces & leaves) Cut rosedbuds in each FSJ color CS – Bubble Gum, Pineapple Smoothie & Whip Cream. Cut Leaves in Lemongrass
  • DI-0035 Fancy Label dies (smallest two for card)
  • DI-0360 Detailed Foliage die (for card)
  • S4-190 Labels Four (2 middle sizes for tag on box) *Not actually used in sample shown but works perfectly here
  • SR-020 This Time Around Steel Rule die (round box*NOTE: this is a large steel rule die, you will need the Journey Platinum or Spellbinders Platinum Machine to cut it with!!!

Rose SPIRAL BLOSSOM ONE directions: Cut 1 each in Bubble Gum, Pineapple Smoothie & Whip Cream. Sponge a tiny amount of Watermelon Fusion Ink onto the ruffled edges, both sides. With a clean sponge, repeat with Lemon Drop Ink on Pineapple Smoothie. Repeat with a very light amount of Denim Days Ink on Whip Cream. With yet another new sponge, lightly sponge on Lovely Blue Ink to cover the remaining white – try to achieve a splotchy or speckled look.

Next, apply a little glue to the smallest end of the Bubble Gum die cut. Curl around wood skewer two or three times and hold between fingers for a minute til glue dries and holds. Then continue curling around the skewer, bending/curling each of the ruffled tips outward a bit, until the entire flower is curled up, except for the round base in the middle. Take flower off skewer, you will see it unwind a little. Apply a good amount of glue to the inside base of flower, then gently curl flower loosely, then press the flower into base and hold for 3-4 minutes until the glue dries. Repeat this process with the Pineapple Smoothie and Lovely Blue die cuts.

Rosebud BLOOMING ROSE directions: Cut 1 of each of the rosebud pieces (there are two dies to cut for the rosebud, they are the longer, pointier flowers) in Whip Cream, Bubble Gum & Pineapple Smoothie. Sponge Whip Cream flowers with Denim Days Ink on outside edges very lightly and fill in the centers by lightly sponging in Lovely Blue (just like with the rose above). Do this on both sides of the flowers. Repeat with Watermelon Fusion Ink on Bubble Gum and Lemon Drop on Pineapple Smoothie.

Using bone folder, curl the tops of the each petal of all 6 rosebud pieces inward. Place them on the foam pad & use the stylus to shape the flowers by pressing into the centers in a circular motion – you will see the petals curl upward and inward. Add a bit of glue to the center of the small flowers and adhere the larger flowers to the top of this, making sure the petals alternate (you do not want the petals of the small & large flowers to line up in short). Once the glue dries, pull up and bunch together the larger petals to form a tight bud – one or two of the petals may diappear inside the bud & you may add a little glue to hold this shape. Next, pull up the petals of the outer, smaller flowers, using a little drop glue at the base of the petals if need be for rosebud to hold shape.

Box THIS TIME AROUND directions: Cut a 12″ piece of Good Life Prints floral CS to 8″ x 10 1/2″; set scraps aside to make card with. Place cut piece floral-print-side down on This Time Around Steel Rule die. Place the die and CS on top of an orange cutting plate. Place Crease Pad on top – this is your sandwich. Cut in Platinum Machine. Remove the 4 cut pieces – the larger circle goes with the skinny piece for the top of the box & the smaller circles goes with the bottom of the box piece.

Box Top: Add glue to the tab end of the skinny piece for box top and make a circle, hold for a minute to make sure glue dries & holds. Fold tabs in toward center, place on table with folded tabs down. Add a drop or two of glue to tabs, then place larger circle – print-side down – into the center and press to adhere to the tabs. Cut four of the large leaves (Blooming Rose die set) from Lemon Grass cardstock. Attach to box top with glue. Add glue to the flat bottom of the large pink & yellow roses and adhere to box, as seen in photo. Attach blue rosebud with glue.

Tag for Box Top: Using the two medium sized dies from Labels Four, cut the larger one from Lemon Grass CS, and the smaller from Whip Cream. With Chambray Shirt Ink, stamp Happy Birthday sentiment from Inside & Out Stamp set. Adhere this to the Lemon Grass piece with tape or glue, then attach this to box top with glue. Add one Heart Sparkle Drop to corner of tag.

Box Bottom: Using the smaller circle & the bottom piece, attach together the same way as for the Box Top. When glue dries, add the top and voila! The box is done!

THE CARD directions:

Make A-2 Card base from Lemon Grass CS, set aside. Cut a piece of Denim Days CS to 5″x3 3/4″. Cut a piece of Good Life Prints floral CS to 4 3/4″ x 3 1/2″, then adhere this to the Denim Days piece – this is your card front. Cut Detailed Foliage die from Lemon Grass CS and attach this in the upper left corner of card front (see photo).

Label/Tag: Using the smallest two dies from Fancy Label dies, cut a label from Lemongrass with the larger one; set aside. Now cut a label from Whip Cream using the smallest die & stamp the Happy Birthday sentiment with Watermelon Fusion Ink on this. Attach to a piece of Denim Days CS & fussy cut, leaving about a 1/8th inch border. Add foam squares to the back of this piece and adhere to center of card about 3/16″ above bottom of card.

Now add foam squares to the back of this piece (denim days side) and attach to Lemon Grass Card Base. Stamp desired sentiments on the inside of the card.

Add glue to bottom of blue rose & adhere to left side of card front, slightly covering corner of label/tag (see photo). Attach pink rosebud below blue rose, to the left of the label (see photo). Then attach yellow rosebud with glue just to the right of blue rose, slightly covering label. Add Rhinestones as seen in photo and voila! The card is done!!

Who would like to see a YouTube video on sponging and shaping the flowers?????? Comment below, if there’s enough interest I can get a video added by Sunday, January 6th!

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Elegant Wedding Card with Heat Foiled Sentiment

This elegant wedding card was easy to create! Supply list can be found below.
  • Today’s share is an Elegant Monochromatic Wedding Card that I made for a friend’s upcoming wedding. It took me about 25 minutes to whip up. SUPPLIES:
  • Spellbinders Glimmer Machine GLS-001
  • Spellbinders Gold Glimmer Foil GLF-001
  • Spellbinders Elegant Occasion Sentiments Hot Foil Plates GLP-003
  • FSJ Buttercream CS-0006, 6×11″ & scrap
  • FSJ Mirror Gold CS-0136 scraps
  • Spellbinders Venice Lace Die S4-790
  • Spellbinders Romantic Blooms Three Dies S4-534
  • FSJ Rhinestones AC-0023
  • FSJ Foam Squares AD-0085
  • FSJ Craft Glue AD-0111 (This is the best glue ever, by the way!)
  • Platinum or Platinum6 Die Cutting Machine
  • Gold Ribbon, 13″ to wrap around card front and enough to fasten a 2 – 2 1/2″ bow with.
  • Wonder tape (redline tape) to attach ribbon with

Fasten Venice Lace Die to bottom of the card front with washi or low-tack tape & cut. Score and fold in half (your card should now be 5 1/2 x 6 “

Cut flowers from Gold cs – 1 large, 2 medium and 2 solid. Also cut 1 vine/leaves.

Foil “Congratulations” sentiment onto Buttercream CS scrap with Glimmer Machine (follow instructions & safety precautions in manual included with machine). Cut with coordinating die cut included in this set!

Wrap gold ribbon around card front where the Venice cut ends – adhere with Wonder tape in top center. Fasten bow and attach with wonder tape to the center. Attach flowers to card front with foam squares. Attach vine & leaves with FSJ craft glue. Finally, add a few rhinestones for extra shine & pizzaz! Complete the inside of the card with desired sentiment.

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Snowmen Days Card

Featuring Snowmen Days Stamp & Die Bundle & Winter Build-A-Scene Bundle from Fun Stamper’s Journey!

This was a really fun card to make featuring the Polished Stone Technique! I used FSJ’s Snowmen Days Bundle and Winter Build-A-Scene Bundle to create it. Ask me about my subscription based classes (coming soon) to learn the Polished Stone Technique, along with many other techniques and designs that I’ll be offering in 2019!

Easy Christmas Stocking

Naughty or Nice Stocking die from Spellbinders

This little stocking was so easy to make, I created 9 of them to give to my grandchildren for the holidays.