Spellbinders Cardmaking Star Winner!!! Sharing my entries here today!!

I’m so honored to have been selected as a 1st place winner!

I’m so excited to have been selected as a 1st place winner and want to share my entries for the contest here today! And a big thanks to Spellbinders and Becca Feeken for making these amazing dies available to us! I hope to get tutorials for these 3 on my blog within the next few weeks!! I do have a video up on YouTube for the middle card, click here to see it!

Thanks for taking a peek!! To view all of the fabulous products available at Spellbinders, click here! It’s so easy to create amazing cards when you’re working with amazing products! Smiles and Happy Crafting, Laura

Sparkle Stars Card

Shaving Cream Background with Spellbinders/FSJ Color Splash added!

Hello! Today’s tutorial uses yet another background from a previous post – Shaving Cream Background Meets SB/FSJ Color Splash! But today I’ve also added what I call “Sparkle Embossing Powder” and it’s super easy to make your own! Simply mix 1/2 jar of FSJ White EP and 1/2 jar of FSJ Sparkle Dust together and emboss as usual to add a stunning sparkly effect to your embossing! In the photo above, only the stars have been embossed with “Sparkle EP”, the moon and girl on ladder are embossed with plain White EP. The instructions & supplies to create this card can be found below! Also see my 25 second YT video, showing how sparkly the stars really are!



Rub background piece with Dust Buddy to reduce static. Stamp ladder, girl & moon with Clear Pigment Ink. Add White EP and heat set.

Go over the piece again with Dust Buddy. Stamp star background randomly to cover the piece. Add “Sparkle EP” and heat set. Attach background piece to card base.

Stamp sentiments with Beach Breeze ink onto Whip Cream CS scraps and cut tails, as seen in photo. Attach with foam squares. Add desired sentiment/phrase to inside of card and Voila! Your card is finished!

I’m an affiliate for Spellbinders/FSJ. When you purchase through my links, I receive a small commission which uses cookies and helps keep me in supplies to design cards and create tutorials with! I can also be found on FACEBOOK. As always, I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s tutorial! Happy Crafting & Smiles, Laura

Space Cadet Birthday Easel Card

Space Cadet Birthday Easel Card, shown flat for mailing.
Space Cadet Birthday Easel Card shown upright on easel. Notice how the colors and shimmer changes at different angles!!! That’s the magic of Spellbinders/FSJ Color Splash in action!

Happy Sunday!! Today’s tutorial is a video tutorial on my YouTube Channel, Laura Neumann. I just love the shimmer and shine on this card. There’s a few neat things going on in this card – for starters, I’m using one of the backgrounds I made in Friday’s video “Shaving Cream Backgrounds meet FSJ Color Splash”, and on Friday’s blog post here by the same name! Be sure to go back and watch/read these 2 if you haven’t already – this card builds on one of those backgrounds! You’ll also learn how to create your own “Sparkle Emboss Powder” and more! Before you head over to YouTube, here’s the supply list for today’s card!


Have fun watching my 18 minute YouTube Video Tutorial Space Cadet Birthday Easel Card! As always, Happy Crafting & Smiles, Laura

I’m an affiliate for Spellbinders/FSJ. When you purchase through my links, I’ll make a small commissin, which will help keep me in crafting supplies to create more videos and tutorials for you! This process uses cookies. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT, I APPRECIATE YOU!

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Shaving Cream Background meets FSJ Color Splash

Backgrounds using shaving cream and Spellbinders/FSJ Liquid Colors.
The smaller top 4 backgrounds are the same as above, with Spellbinders/FSJ Color Splashes added on top of the shaving cream alone! I love the added depth & shimmer this adds!

Hi and welcome to today’s technique tutorial! Do you like the before and after pictures! If you’re excited to try this technique, head on over to my YouTube channel and see my technique video – it’s about 12 minutes long. But before you go there, check the shaving cream background supply list and written instructions, the see the supply list for Color Splash-added step. Let’s get started!


For Shaving Cream Background (not shown in video):

Directions for Shaving Cream Background:

Spray shaving cream into 4 small piles, forming a square (2 rows of 2) almost touching each other, on Acetate or large acrylic block. Add 4-5 drops of Lovely Blue Liquid Color to two piles that are diagonal to each other. On one of the other piles, add 4-5 drops of Watermelon Fusion Liquid Color. On the last pile, add 4-5 drops of Catalina Splash.

With toothpicks, slowly stir the colors of shaving cream, ever so gently mixing in a little with neighboring piles. Do this to all 4 piles of colored shaving cream. You should have a swirly sort of look to it.

Next, take a Whip Cream panel and press gently into the shaving cream, turning and moving around as you press, trying to cover as much of the panel as you can. Carefully lift out of shaving cream and place on scrap paper. With spatula/scraper, scrape off excess colored shaving cream. Carefully spread the left overs on the spatula to “fix” any spots you may have missed.

Depending on the amount of shaving cream you use, you may be able to get 4-6 panels done at a time. You can also apply the leftovers on the spatula to a clean panel – its okay if its mottled looking or well blended – if you don’t like the result, you can fix it with the Color Splash technique from my video! Clean spatula/scraper with paper towels/baby wipes as needed.

Supplies for Color Splash step in video:

Okay, now head on over to my video! I think you’ll be amazed by how easy it is to use Spellbinders/FSJ’s products – I’m so enthralled with them that I became an affiliate! I hope you’ll purchase from me through my link which uses cookies – I’ll receive a small commission which helps to keep me in supplies to create and design for you in the future. Thanks for your support!

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Anniversary Shaker Card with Glimmer Foil Sentiment

Glimmer Foil Machine and Dream Seeker stamps & dies are from Spellbinders/FSJ. See my YouTube Video Tutorial for this card.

Welcome back! I’m using the Dream Seeker stamps & dies in today’s tutorial, I just love how versatile this set is! This time I’ve incorporated the swans to make an Anniversary Shaker card. I also used Spellbinders Glimmer Machine, foil & foil plates to make the “Happy Anniversary” sentiment – don’t you just love how it shines?

This particular foil plate set is called “Elegant Occasion Sentiments” and comes with coordinating dies to cut the sentiments out after foiling. It’s one of the first foil plates I bought when I got my Glimmer Machine because, well, who can’t use beautiful sentiments that are this easy to use, LOL! But, hold onto your hats……this foil plate and die set is ON SALE through July 7th, 2019!! I highly recommend it! To see all items in the Spellbinders/FSJ Star Spangled Savings Sale, click here. Now, let’s get on to the tutorial.

SUPPLIES: Some of these supplies are on sale through July 7, 2019


Attach circle die with low-tack tape on largest piece of Whip Cream CS about 7/8″ from bottom and both sides & die cut. Now, center this piece over the A2 card base and lightly trace circle onto base with pencil; stamp your sentiment or hearts with Huckleberry Fusion ink into this circle, then erase pencil marks; set A2 card base aside. Emboss die cut top piece with Layered Scallops EF with circle toward bottom of folder. Drag Lovely Blue ink pad over the surface to cover the raised areas. Spray generously with Lovely Blue Pearl Color Splash; set aside to dry for a few minutes.

Stamp swans with Black Licorice Ink; die cut and set aside.

Foil the Happy Anniversary sentiment with Cobalt Foil on 2 1/4 x 3 1/4″ Whip Cream CS – follow instructions included with machine. After revealing the foil, die cut with coordinating dies; set aside.

Create Sharker Window: Attach Silver Sparkle washi tape across the top of the now dry Color Splash piece, tuck ends under on backside. On the backside, attach Acetate over circle window with White Liner tape. Cut about 4 – 5 foam squares into 3 thinner strips each, then attach around the window until you have formed a foam circle around it – take care to get as close to the window as you can, without it showing through the window! Now attach foam tape to all 4 sides, about 1/8″ away from edges. Add one extra piece of foam tape about 1/2″ above the window to give added stability. Peel backing off all foam squares & foam tape.

Take out Whip Cream card base and sprinkle Special Celebration Sequins on and bunch up in center of stamped sentiment/hearts – you don’t want any to stick to the foam, or it will not seal in the sequins! Center Color Splash top piece onto the base and press firmly into place all over to make sure all the foam sticks to the base, ESPECIALLY around the shaker window!

Attach swans and Happy Anniversary foil sentiment with foam squares, as in photo. Attach Sparkle Hearts bling, then add desired phrase/sentiment on the inside and Voila! The card is complete!

Be sure to check out my YouTube video tutorial for this card! Please like, subscribe and comment, I’d love to hear from you. I can also be found on FaceBook: www.facebook.com/LaurasCraftyPlace/

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s tutorial! As always, Happy Crafting & Smiles, Laura

4th of July Thank You Card

Welcome! As we celebrate Independence Day, I want to thank all who have served our country, and I created today’s card for this reason! It’s a relatively quick card to make, so let’s get started!



With Whip Cream ink, stamp stars onto Candy Apple CS. Heat set briefly to dry ink; set aside.

Apply Colorless PanPastel to both smaller pieces of Whip Cream CS to reduce static. On the longer, narrower piece, emboss the “Thank You” sentiment with Gold EP, then cut tail into this piece. On the scrap piece, stamp flag with clear embossing ink, then apply red & dark blue PanPastel to the flag; burnish with paper towel.

Coat toothpick well with Clear Embossing ink by rolling in over the ink pad. Dip in Gold EP, then heat set – you’ll want to hold it with tweezers so you don’t burn yourself! Repeat if necessary to get a smooth gold finish. Set aside.

Apply Light Blue Pan Pastel to the the largest piece of Whip Cream CS, then burnish with paper towel. With Fusion Sponge, apply Whip Cream ink randomly to create a cloudy effect. Heat set to dry ink, then attach to the Beach Ball matting with tape runner. Add the gold star brads to this, then attach to red star mat, then A2 card base.

Attach Thank You sentiment to smaller Beach Ball mat, then cut tail into mat. Attach to card with foam squares in lower right corner.

Attach gold toothpick with a very small amount of Journey Craft Glue; hold in place for a minute til glue sets. Attach flag over the top of this with foam squares.

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s tutorial! Wishing you a safe and happy holiday as you celebrate the 4th of July! As always, Happy Crafting & Smiles, Laura

Dream Seeker Encouragement Card

Dream Seeker Stamps & Dies from Spellbinders/FSJ

Happy Weekend! Today’s encouragement card features the new Dream Seeker stamps and dies from Spellbinders/FSJ and I just love this whale! Notice how it shines, like it’s wet? That’s Journey Glaze in action!! I highly recommend this glaze from Spellbinders/FSJ – it contains less water than a lot of other brands out there, so doesn’t warp the cardstock as bad!

Remember, this card doesn’t have to be an encouragement card – it could just as easily be a birthday card, a graduation card or anything else you’d like it to be. Simply change the sentiment to suit the occasion! Let’s get started with the supply list!


HOW TO MAKE A SPLASH BOXSpraying Color Splash can get a little messy! To protect your table surface, carpeting, walls, etc., I’ll teach you how to make a Splash Box to alleviate quite a bit of that messiness!

You’ll need a clean pizza box about 14″. Unless you ordered cardstock from Cricut and happen to still have the box, like me, hahaha! You’ll also need another box with 2 sides about 12 – 14″in size – I cut up the large Priority Mail box that my hubby’s auto parts arrived in! With painter’s tape, attach the 2 pieces of the Priority Mail box to the Cricut/Pizza box. I used the low-tack painter’s tape because when I’m done, I’ll remove the 2 side panels and store them in the box on my shelf. Next time I need it, everything’s right there! See photos above.


Cut cardstock to size. Stamp whale image with Rock Candy ink. Color with Alcohol Markers (darker on top, lighter on bottom), let dry for a few minutes, then add Journey Glaze and set aside to dry for 1-2 hours (NOTE: smaller amounts dry much quicker, but because we’re covering a large area, it will take longer to dry.)

Stamp sentiment with Denim Days ink toward the right side of the White Sparkle Paper. Cut tail into left side (see photo). Set aside.

Emboss one of the 5 1/4 x 4″ Whip Cream CS pieces with Wind & Water EF in your Platinum Machine. Lay on scrap paper, then drag Lovely Blue Ink Pad over the top gently several times saturate the raised portions of this piece. This will really pop with the splash later!

Now set up your Splash Box. Lay the embossed piece of Whip Cream cardstock face up in the bottom of the box. Take Lovely Blue Color Splash and swirl around gently to mix the pearlescent mettalic portion in with the liquid – DO NOT SHAKE – this could cause the sprayer to clog! Once it’s mixed well, about 30 – 45 seconds, you’ll see the mixture glisten – it’s ready! Remove the blue stopper piece from under the trigger. Hold the bottle about 10 – 12 inches from the CS and spray 2 or 3 times until the piece is covered. Place stopper back on bottle, set aside. Remove the sprayed CS from the box and set aside to dry for a few minutes.

With low tack tape, secure the Starbrite stencil to the other piece of 5 1/4 x 4″ cardstock. Lay in Splash Box, stencil side up. Mix the Lovely Blue Color Splash by swirling, as in the above step. Spray 2 or 3 times til covered. (Wick up excess Splash from stencil with scrap white 6 x 6″ CS piece, set aside to dry and use as background in another card later! Why waste all that lovely Splash?) Remove stencil and place stenciled CS on scrap paper to dry for a few minutes. While drying, clean stencil with warm, soapy water & pat dry.

With paper trimmer, angle cut the stenciled piece as shown in photo below:

Take the center piece from this photo and attach to embossed piece, as shown below.

Sponge the edges of this piece with Lovely Blue Ink, then attach to card base. With foam squares, attach sentiment and whale (when dry). Add sequins with Journey craft glue. Stamp sentiment of your choice inside and Voila! The card is done!

To see the video tutorial for this card on YouTube, click here.

To go to my FB page, Laura’s Crafty Creations, click here.

I’m an affiliate for Spellbinders/FSJ. By purchasing through my links on this page, I’ll receive a small commission. This process uses cookies, and I’ll use the funds to help keep in supplies to design more projects for you! Thanks so much for your support.

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s tutorial! I’d love to hear your comments and be sure to check back in a later in the week to check out the card I’ll make using the Swans from this stamp set!! Until then, Happy Crafting & Smiles, Laura

Dream Seeker Card featuring Joseph’s Coat Technique

Also featuring this week’s newly released stamp and die bundle called “DREAM SEEKER” from Spellbinders/Fun Stamper’s Journey!

Don’t you just love this stunning card created with the Dream Seeker stamp set and dies? I am absolutely in love with this new release!! It’s incredibly versatile and will work well to create inspiration, birthday, graduation cards and much more! To see all the new releases, head on over to the Spellbinders/FSJ website through my affiliate link, which uses cookies. There’s some great deals on bundles of new releases through 5/26/19!! I will receive a small commission from your purchase, which will help keep me in supplies to design & create tutorials for you. Now let’s get on to today’s tutorial!

I’m using a technique called Joseph’s Coat, a variation of resist embossing. Can you you believe the background on this card started off as a piece of Whip Cream cardstock? Hahaha! It’s okay, most people can’t!! But because explaining the written steps for Joseph’s Coat technique here would make for a very lengthy blog post, I decided to create a YouTube Video to show you how to create this one. You can find supplies listed below, so gather them and head on over to my YouTube channel (please subscribe & comment while you’re there), Laura Neumann. My video cut out partway through, so after watching part 1, be sure to watch the end in Part 2!


Before you head over to YouTube and subscribe, I want to remind you to follow my blog here, on InstaGram laurascraftycreations2 and on my FB page: Laura’s Crafty Creations! Thanks so much for stopping in today! I hope you enjoy my YouTube video tutorial. Please leave a comment here as well as on YT! As always, Happy Crafting & Smiles! Laura

3D Layered Wedding Card

Welcome! Ahhh, summer is the season for weddings and don’t you just love this fabulous 3D Layered Wedding card? Today I’ll show you just how easy it is to create this stunning masterpiece. As you’re reading, just click the links in the ingredient list to go to directly to the website to order supplies, including both dies, if needed – in this case Spellbinders/FSJ! I’m an affiliate, and will earn a small commission if you order through my link and it does use cookies. Now, without further ado, let’s get to it!


Cut out your pieces for the card – scroll toward the bottom of this post to see the proper die & cardstock setup. Then, after cutting your pieces out, come back to the “ASSEMBLY INTRRUCTIONS”. TIP: it’s easier if you secure the dies together with low-tack tape (washi or painter’s) before cutting.

ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS: We’ll build this card from back to front.

  • Step 1: Fold and score with a bone folder along the score lines of the 2 side pieces. Make sure the cut lines are closer to bottom of card on each of the side pieces. Add craft glue along the narrow inside folded edges at the back of each piece, one side at a time, then attach the gold glitter back (4 tabs cut off) with the glitter side facing the front (inside) of the card. Press firmly for a few minutes til glue sets.
  • Step 2: Take the Bride & Groom die cut and insert all four tabs through the side slots closest to the gold glitter back. Make sure the tabs are pulled all the way through all of the slots, so the edges of this piece are fluch with the sides. Now lock into place by pulling the center of this piece gently, but firmly downward. When the bottom of this piece lines up with the bottom of the gold glitter back, it is locked into place.
  • Step 3: Take one of the Brush Gold pieces and lock into place in the next set of slots, as in Step 2.
  • Step 4: Take the Happily Ever After die cut and lock into place in the next set of slots, as in Step 2.
  • Step 5: Take the last Brush Fold piece and lock into place in the next set of slots, as in Step 2.
  • Step 6: Add craft glue along the narrow outside folded edges at the front of the side pieces, one side at a time, then attach the remaining Whip Cream die cut piece on the top, so that this piece covers the narrow folded strip. Press firmly for a few minutes til glue sets.
  • Step 7: Embellish as you wish, or leave the card plain – it is a real stunner all by itself!!

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s tutorial on creating this beautiful 3D Wedding Card. I’m hoping to get video tutorials for creating this card up on YouTube and FB over the weekend! In the meantime, if you have questions, comments here are always welcome! Check back frequently for new posts! Until then, Happy Crafting & Smiles, Laura


These are the dies and and glue I used.
Cut 1 with these pieces from Whip Cream CS.
Cut 1 from these pieces from Whip Cream CS.
Cut 3 of these pieces – 2 from Brush Gold CS and 1 from Whip Cream. Cut the 4 outer tabs off of the front Whip Cream piece ONLY!

Cut one of this piece from Gold Glitter CS. Cut the 4 outer tabs off of this back piece.
Cut 2 side pieces from Whip Cream CS. Make sure the score lines show on the back side of each – if not, score again by hand, it’ll help when folding. When assembling the card, the left sides will be the bottom of the card.

Masculine Birthday Card

Featuring Fun Stamper’s Journey Tools Rule stamps & dies!

Welcome! With Father’s Day and quite a few guy birthdays just around the corner, I’ve been focusing on masculine cards! In this tutorial, you’ll learn to create a custom “pegboard” and “faux sawdust” (on the bottom of the card).

SUPPLIES (mostly FSJ):

  • Tools Rule stamp set SS-0326
  • Tools Rule dies DI-0198
  • Tiny Dot Emboss Folder EF-0037
  • Black Licorice Ink Pad
  • Cranberry Bliss Ink Pad
  • ColorSplash Watercolor Pencils
  • Blending Brush
  • Candy Apple A2 card base
  • Oatmeal Cookie CS: 4″ x 2 5/8″
  • Black Licorice CS: 4 1/4″ x 2 7/8″
  • Whip Cream CS
  • Platinum or Platinum6 die cutting machine
  • Adhesive
  • Foam Squares
  • Fine grit sandpaper cut to 1/2″ x 4 1/4″ – tear top edge as in photo
  • Craft knife & self-healing cutting mat

Stamp tool images with Black Licorice Ink on Whip Cream CS and die cut. Color these with shades of red, yellow, brown and tan ColorSplash Pencils, then blend with blending brush; set aside.

Emboss Oatmeal Cookie CS with Tiny Dot EF, then lightly drag Black Licorice Inkpad over this until dots are black. Use a very light touch! Attach this to black CS, then attach to card base about 1 1/8″ from top of card base. With Cranberry Bliss ink, stamp “Sawdust is man-glitter” sentiment in upper right corner of “pegboard.”

With Black Licorice Ink, stamp a “Happy Birthday” sentiment centered above the pegboard. NOTE: The HB sentiment in photo is not a part of the Tools Rule set! Now attach the torn sandpaper to the bottom of the card to create the “faux sawdust” on the floor!

With craft knife and mat, cut the center white space of toolbox out. Then add a small slit into the toolbox to slip the corner of the tape measure into (see photo). Also create a small slit in the pocket furthest left on the tool belt, so you can insert part of the screw driver into this pocket. Attach the toolbox, saw & hammer with tape or glue. Use foam squares to pop up the tool belt. Add your favorite sentiment or verse to the inside and your card is complete!

Thanks for visiting my blog! I’d love to hear from you, be sure to leave a comment for me! And if you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask me! Happy Stamping & Smiles, Laura